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Our Words Win Awards.

the value of your brand rests on the strength of your content. Great copy  builds a relationship with readers. Our focus at Creative Writer PRO is on deeply engaging content. We write stories that entertain; articles that educate; copy that captivates. Above all, our writing rewards your readers with stories they can't put down until they reach the very last word.


As data-driven content writers, we understand the importance of using a company’s SEO and existing semantic core to develop an editorial calendar and content writing plan to produce articles that appear above the fold in search results while delivering magazine level readability. We know that branding and messaging are best derived from the user experience, data, and cases studies reported directly from customers.


We are keenly aware that, as Forbes magazine recently wrote: “ . . . as much as 80% of a company’s worth is in their intangible assets” and recognize how much of that worth is content. From the strategies used in communicating one’s brand and mission to the papers and articles establishing thought leadership flawless content is critical to every company’s success.


Google’s search engine ranking algorithm has evolved beyond keyword saturation and SEO. According to their own white papers, Google is actively changing their criteria to reflect the quality and usefulness of content. Their current benchmarks promote content that is unique, well-written, and imminently practical. In the near future, a company’s landing pages just won’t rank unless they deliver brilliant articles written by a professional.


The Crew

Two writers who throw things at each other.

Rose Pilny


Rose focuses her creative abilities on Social Media strategies, content writing, and keeping Bull in line with copious cursing. She has over 16 years experience in writing, marketing, social media marketing, event planning, and project management. She has earned awards from the Illinois Press Association and Illinois Women’s Press Association.

Jira, Confluence, Hip Chat, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, more. . . .

Bull Garlington


Award-winning columnist and author; Bull understands your vision and makes sure it is executed perfectly. His writing has appeared in various newspapers, journals, literary magazines, and websites for more than 25 years. His pop-ups are among Chicago's best.

Photoshop, Muse, InDesign, Powerpoint, Keynote, Adobe Spark, Adobe Post,  Scrivener, Word, Excel, Dreamweaver, Google Docs, more. . . .

People Who Love Us

EVE BRADSHAW   Eve needed an author's website to begin the platform building process prior to pitching, selling, and launching her brilliant memoir, Anatomy of a Loss, and her equally brilliant YA title, Finding James. We knocked out a gorgeous bespoke site, integrated her blog, built out list building tools,  and chapter excerpts.

attorney at law   This high ranking legal marketing web zine wanted to push traffic with new  and highly engaging content. Specifically, humor articles. About lawyers. CWP's first entry, How to Not Talk Politic and Survive, had one of the highest open rates they've ever experienced and remains pinned to the top of their site, generating long tail traffic.

HOPE'S DOOR is a non-profit organization that teaches companies how to identify and assist domestic abuse victims; they also offer counseling and employment assistance. Creative Writer PRO designed their corporate identity, website, and developed a program for brand management and promotion. We also edited and designed the relaunch of their signature publication, Do You See This Women, by Rev. Elizabeth Sherrell.

CLEAN GREEN is a minority and woman owned landscaping and home cleaning business that just started operating on one of the fastest growing counties of Alabama. Besides offering a full range of concierge level services, they also work with Hope's Door to provide safe, scalable, and legitimate employment for displaced victims of domestic abuse .

PROCONNECT ProConnect was the start-up idea of a Chicago real-estate broker: a useful marriage of Angie's List and Zillow. Bull was creative director; Rose was the Content and Social Media Manager. We designed and produced copy for every part of the website and user experience, all outbound and all inbound collateral; marketing email content and  work flow logic, corporate identity, and 3rd party industry specific API content management integration. We worked 13 hour days, six days a week, for a year to launch.

RUBBER CHICKEN LURES   Stingray Fishing Outfitter's gag lure, the Rubber Chicken, was getting traction and needed a back story. Clearly this called for a combination of Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. Our tale of the first use of the Rubber Chicken as an emergency lure on the high seas was written as a dead serious adventure that was completely insane and imminently sharable.

TANDEM MARKETING   Tandem tapped us to write humorous recipes for their client, Fun Guy Mushrooms and we jumped in spatula first. We punctuated a flow of amusing but useful recipes with occasional hilarious and totally impossible recipes taken from 19th century French cookbooks with techniques that required years of training using ingredients that were absurdly unobtainable.

Various magazines From Chicago Parent to Fooditor, Bull Garlington's humor and excellent writing have provided deeply engaging content that keeps readers on the page until the very last word. Read his review of Chef created high-end dog food paired with luxurious wines, in Fooditor.

montway auto transport  One of Chicago's 15 fastest growing companies in 2015. Montway is changing the auto-transport industry by streamlining the consumer side process while providing extraordinary point-to-point service. Montway's 2015 growth pushed them onto the Fortune 500 and put them in place to be a thought leader in the transport industry. Creative Writer PRO delivered blog and marketing content to further their goal of developing their intangible assets and lay a foundation for branding.

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