Ann Chen tagged me in the Ten Albums That Changed Your Life With No Explanation thing on Facebook. I’m down for it, but I’m less and less enamored of the endless erosion of discourse caused by the abrasive nature of social media. Why would I not tell you how these albums changed my life? I mean, that’s why we’re here. It’s why I’m here.

Sugar, Alchohol, and Meat came to me by way of William Wiatroski, a lifelong friend from high school whose role in my intellectual growth cannot be properly measured. Besides introducing me to Herman Hesse, Carl Jung, and Carlos Casteneda, he turned me on to William S. Burroughs and to spoken word albums like this one.

It was a revelation to me, that there were professional writers who reveled in the weirdness of storytelling. Who wrote such unusual works. Who created such mesmerizing worlds such as Burroughs’ Western Lands and hilarious characters like The Intolerable Kid.

It gave me hope and it gave me license. And though you may know my work primarily as brief essays about boogers and poop, there are more literary samples of my efforts out there.


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