Author Programs

The Full English
Hilarious stories of Bull’s disastrous trip through The Doctor Who Experience in London, Stirling Castle in Scotland, and almost the Blarney Stone. Learn of his legendary hatred of bagpipes. Hear how he went to war with his nemesis, the scourge of the library, the bridge troll of Sal St. Marie, MildredSlideshow, stories, book sales, food option, 45 minutes.
Death by Children
Laugh out loud stories of Bull’s parenting failures, abject father/daughter puberty terror, feeding his children to sharks in Belize, and farting in church–the musical. Slideshow, stories, book sales, 40 minutes.
The Great Food Debate
A loud and lively debate of the validity and usefulness of historic Chicago foods, with his writing partner, Lt. David Haynes, author of The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats. Slideshow, debate format, book sales, food option, 45 minutes.

Writing Programs

metrics for writers
A very popular program about how to use math to manage your work, stay motivated, and finish your novel. Slideshow, presentation, book sales, 40 minutes plus long Q&A.
curse your way to creativity
Hilarious closed-door session to teach your staff how to get over their fear of writing, write more engaging copy, and be more productive wordsmiths by using the F-word, the D-word, the S-word and more. Slideshow, presentation, book sales, 30 minutes, Q&A.
write gooder
Sage and amusing advice on writing better copy, more engaging articles, and clearer business communications. Slideshow, presentation, book sales, 35 minutes.

Family and Work Balance

i’m a terrible parent and so can you
Hilarious stories of parenting failure turned into examples of how the balancing act of work and family isn’t as hard as you might think. Slideshow, presentation, book sales, 35 minutes.