“HILARIOUS. I kept laughing and my husband Jim was all “what?” and I’m all “BULL.” 
Theresa Goodrich
The Local Tourist

“Bull is one of those rare speakers who can take a deeply complex topic and, with wit and insight, make it approachable to a general audience.”
Scott Dayton

“Bull is the ideal speaker for any event host. He’s eager to help prepare your event to be successful. Bull has a natural ability to provide the listener with valuable content using an extremely entertaining  style.”
Scott Dueball

“Dude, we read your entire Death by Children book while pooping. A) It’s a great book and b) now, we’re never having children.”
Alex Leviton and Jarma Somethingswiss
Travel Writer and Itinerant Coder

I saw Bull Garlington present Writer Metrics at Communication Central’s annual conference. Writers and numbers? Writing as productivity, not art? Surely not! But Bull made us comfortable with (simple) numbers, proved that productivity is just what the successful writer is after, and entertained us along the way. His presentation was well organized and easy to follow, and he gave the audience what they needed to get started NOW. Thanks, Bull!
Erin Brenner
Right Touch Editing

Chris Garlington is brilliant, hilarious, and all-around wonderful–and I’m talking about his writing, his ability to self-promote and his marketing perspective, and what it’s like to work with him. Eminently recommended!”
Sharon Woodhouse
Lake Claremont Press/EMG Media

“Christopher Garlington’s unique sense of humor gives him an unusual take on parenting that is always good for a laugh.”
Tamara O’Shaughnessy
Chicago Parent

“I’ve worked with Chris Garlington in the newspaper business and followed his recent career as an author and wordsmith par excellence. He’s smart, he’s incisive, and he’s always on target. (Your check’s in the mail, right?)”
Bob Morris
Author and Columnist

Out of all the writers in the world, Chris Garlington is one of them.
Still Bob Morris
Author and Columnist

“Bull Garlington is a Chicago author, bon vivant, and family man. He would never mix his metaphors, but will mix spirits with a level of intensity ordinarily associated with a brain surgeon up to her elbows in her work.”
Siobhan Killings-Murphy

“Chris Garlicbread is a man who can drink and write equally vociferously. Such a talent should be state-sponsored for the benefit of all society.”
Charles Martin
Goddam Canadian

“You know when you drop by a bar to have a quiet beer by yourself. And then some jack-ass sits down next to you and orders a drink and tries to engage you in a conversation about a topic he just heard about on a talk radio show? Chris Garlington is a guy sitting at a nearby table who shouts ‘Shut up jack-ass’ ”
Tim Bernardi
“Building the Building”

“If there were three urinals in a men’s room, and Chris Garlington was pissing at one of them, I would feel totally comfortable pissing in the urinal next to him … In fact, I would demand it!”
Tim Bernardi
“Building the Building”

“Bold, witty, and insightful, these are just a few of the words Chris Garlington uses in his newest book.”
Jeff Knowlton

“Whatever that last thing he did was, it sure did the trick on that wobbly table leg.”
Ferrel Griffith
Portland Personality