Mutual of Omaha Theme
Unknown|Ancient|Who Cares?
Period: 8:30 am to present
Frequency: 1:1
Volume: Hushed

How? How the holy living Goddam hell does a T.V. theme song no one’s heard since 1979 get stuck in my head?

I must’ve read the word Omaha. That’s how it happened. I need to be careful. What if I’d read My Little Pony?


Because of my limited ability to find things online, I can’t locate the actual song that’s in my head. I can find the theme song for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, but that’s not it. I can find fourteen vagillion Mutual of Omaha commercials but none of them have the song that is CURRENTLY RATTLING AROUND IN MY DOME!

Somebody help me.



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