"Then There's Maude"
Marilyn & Alan Bergman|Dave Grusin|1972|CBS
Period: Diurnally
Frequency: 1:1 to present
Accuracy: Imperfect
Volume: Stadium level
Who is responsible: Not sure
Could be Worse, Could Be: Gilligan's Island.

I watched Maude with my¬†parents when I was in grade school, though I swear it feels like I watched it when I was much older. Maybe I’m confusing it with the Golden Girls.

Doesn’t matter. This song will be stuck in my head when I die. You should play it at my funeral and if you do, you’ll probably hear a weak effort to sing along coming from the casket.

I remember thinking how much this song rocked when I was a kid, but then I hadn’t discovered Bowie yet. I was still listening to the crap my Dad played on the truck radio. Something about bayous and fruit jars on an endless loop.

All the great T.V. theme songs of the 70s were good. They had muscle and style. There was a lot of brass. Thundering drums. Or, like Taxi, they were unapologetically saccharine.

Here, enjoy these songs. May they remain in your ear ALL GODDAM DAY LIKE THEY ARE IN MINE!


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