Shit I Want from my Government

  1. Free healthcare. No strings. All of it. Free.
  2. Free education through the second year of college.
  3. Free public transportation in metro areas and to get to work.
  4. Election day as a Federal Holiday. State elections as State Holidays.
  5. Corporations may get tax breaks if they fund the above AND build, staff, and maintain important facilities in metro areas like libraries, parks, etc.
  6. End daylight savings time.
  7. Mandatory public service for one year just out of college.
  8. No lobbying.
  9. No corporations, PACS, or any other group may fund politicians or political parties. Individual donations only, from personal accounts.
  10. Massive, ongoing, well funded (see above) permanent public works department rebuilding infrastructure.
  11. Educator salaries must at least match average salary for first-year lawyers
  12. Private schools, charter schools, and other alternatives to public education must divert a portion of their fees to a county-wide slush fund for arts education
  13. Personal control of the delivery of a defined portion of one’s income taxes among three major federal funding blocks: education, defense, and the department of the interior. One must designate all of this defined percentage to all three, designating no more than 66% to any one of them.
  14. The institution of massive metropolitan data collection on all metrics, available to the public, with a collection of scenarios available for the public to play with, to see how that data may be used to improve a city. High scoring scenarios must be reviewed by city planners.
  15. Trade schools established for each segment of metropolitan, county, state, and federal employee groups, funded by businesses depending on the various services seeking tax breaks.
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