bull garlington
The author exhibiting his happy face.

Bull Garlington is an award-winning humorist, speaker, and freelance writer whose entertaining stories, columns, and features have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and online since the late eighties.

His book, The Full English, is a finalist for Foreword Reviews/IndieFab’s Humor Book of the Year, 2017.

His previous book, Death by Children: I Had Kids so You Don’t Have To! was chosen for IndieFab’s Humor Book of the Year, 2013.

Garlington writes the popular column, Analog Attorney, for Attorney at Work, one of the most popular websites for small, single, and virtual law firms seeking professional tips on marketing their services.

He also writes for The Local Tourist, one of the top 20 travel blogs in the nation.

His column in Chicago Parent ran for five years, winning the Parenting Media Association’s silver and gold awards for the best humor column.

Garlington is the founder of Creative Writer PRO, a boutique communications company supplying medium, small, and very small businesses with original, highly engaging content delivered on time.

Garlington’s pet project is the remarkable blog and secret luxury pop-up dinner series, Eating Vincent Price. Read the blog or buy tickets here.

Garlington is a popular and entertaining speaker in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. (Please download his 2018 program catalog).

Garlington works from a nice little Georgian on the north side, prefers Triple Cask Laphroaig, unfiltered Weller Bourbon, smokes a Partagas 1845, and makes a mean chicken and andouille gumbo.