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About Bull

Garlington really does go by "Bull." It is a family nickname he uses because there are three other creative professionals with his given name, Christopher, and one of them works at his old newspaper and Google gets confused.

Garlington is an award-winning author, columnist, and public speaker. He writes unique content and features for magazines, websites, and blogs.

For businesses and organizations, Garlington writes copy, content, and coaches staff on the tricks and trade secrets of a working writer to help them produce clearer communication, get over their fear of writing copy, fail well, publish better eBooks, and develop a content strategy that rewards readers.

His books, The Full English, Death by Children, and The Beat Cop's Guide provide laugh-out-loud materials and presentations that are bountiful rewards for client dinners as well as staff appreciation events.

Bull Garlington's presentations are almost stand-up comedy, yet they teach fundamental skills, improve the performance of your communicators, and develop confidence.

Book Bull

One of a Kind

There is simply no other writer like him—though he's been compared to Dave Barry, David Sedaris, Erma Bombeck, and Thurber. Bull delivers evergreen material that tells the story of your business.


More than 20 years of freelance, two award-winning books, and two wildly popular columns mean Garlington knows what he's talking about. His strategies for keeping readers on the page are proven in his work.


Garlington teaches from the middle of the room, developing a partnership with the audience. His talks are frank, entertaining, actionable, and discuss massive failure before talking about success.


Garlington joins your team to produce great content and to coach your people through their craft. He is always open when your people might need impromptu coaching over the phone, email, or text.

Why Hire a Humorist?

To Fire Up Your Mojo

Humor breaks down barriers and develops team spirit. When your people laugh, the limiting box they've put themselves into dissolves. By leading your staff through hilarious models of abject failure, Bull actually gives them an unconscious permission to create. Being a little stupid on purpose can light a fire under the spark of creativity your staff needs to ignite their mojo and keep it lit.

To Reward Your Readers

Great content doesn't have to be funny; however it must be unique. A humorist's mind is wildly creative, often taking an idea to a place you never thought it should go–and making it work. Even when writing straight copy, Bull writes to reward the reader. He employs entertaining copy to actively engage readers, hooking them from the first sentence and keeping then on the page until the very last word.

Shake things up a little. Put Bull in front of your people.