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You're More than Just an Author.

Self-published authors quickly learn they are not just an author or a publisher. They find out in a hurry that they're also a research department, a fact-checking crew, a graphic arts team, and a marketing floor. They learn they are responsible for advertising, for booking, for purchasing, storage, distribution collateral, and parking fees. They discover the importance of triple back-up, of traveling with a projector, how to knock out a halfway decent PowerPoint deck and why 25 pens may not be enough.


But it's the digital stuff that sends them over the edge. The website, the blog, the integration of the blog and the website, the integration of their blog with their social media stream . . . Photoshop.

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You Can't Even!

A productive self-published author should focus on a three things: writing, marketing, and selling.


Nobody can write like you—you can't outsource your talent. Nobody can market you as well as you can—you can't outsource your flair. Nobody can sell like you—you shouldn't outsource your revenue stream.


But you should outsource anything that gets in the way of those three core functions.


Get someone else to design your website. Get someone else to set-up the perfect WordPress blog. Get someone else to wrestle your social media profiles into submission. Pay someone else to link everything together.


Not because you can't do it. You're a creative powerhouse. We know that. But you have precious little time. Spend it on your business. Spend it on your work as an author.

We can do the rest.

Author Services from Someone who Thinks Like an Author

Look, I'm an author too. I know how hard it is. And I know your website needs to be different than the website of a Realtor or a boutique bakery or a coffee shop. You can't just download those templates and cut and paste and hope it all works. It needs to be part of the story. Everything does.


But I'm also a designer, and a creative director, and a content marketer, and a social media nerd, and a Facebook ads preacher. I know how to put all your marketing collateral into play so all the pieces work together. I know your book cover and your Facebook cover should look the same, but not be the same graphic file. I know your LinkedIn profile and your Twitter profile should be identical and should be structured to leverage the keywords your potential readers are looking for. I know you don't need just one profile that's the same across multiple platforms, but four versions of that profile. I know which plug-ins will make your blog a powerhouse and your life easier. I know how to install WordPress on your website.

You Should Drink Coffee and Write Books.

It takes an enormous effort to write a book. No author, no matter their accomplishment or volume of titles, will ever say they just tossed off a couple of books. In every instance the work is difficult and it takes a lot of time. All your time.


It's important that you spend that time creating, not managing your marketing and collateral. A body of work requires production. It requires you to write another book. Another six books. It requires you to always be writing.


More importantly, your message, the world you create, the characters you give birth to, they manifest for a reason. It is your job as their author to curate their existence, to protect your message.


Figuring out the back end of WordPress, the admin of content platforms, the interior design of your book, the cover . . . that's not your job.


You just have a cup of coffee and get to work. Let us worry about the rest.

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