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Three things you need right now.

A Social Media Makeover

You’re a mess. Not you personally, you virtually. Your Facebook profile is different from your LinkedIn profile which is miles away from your Twitter profile that mentions your sister’s hamster incident from 1993. Your Gravatar is a margarita the size of an aquarium. Your Twitter cover is all shoes. None of this has anything to do with your business. But tell that to the leads researching you on social media, comparing you to your closest competitor whose social media profiles are gorgeous, identical, and read like they were written by Faulkner.

Five Outstanding Articles

Something’s wrong with your website. Your tent pole articles have such a high bounce rate they might as well be trampolines. The SEO is working. People are showing up. But they just roll their eyes and click over to cat videos. You paid a boutique design firm 13 grand for the perfect site, yet you’re still losing leads. Why? Maybe it’s not the design. Maybe it’s not the keywords. Maybe it’s just that once people show up, the page they land in isn’t worth their time. Good writing engages. Good writing keeps a reader on the page until the very last word. Try filling your top shelf website with top shelf writing and see if your trampoline turns into a bed.

A Brilliant About Page

When I was a kid, my Mom insisted that I make my bed. I’d yell “I’m just gonna sleep in it again! It’s not like the Queen’s coming over!” My Mom would stop what she was doing and say, very seriously, “No, but if she did, she’d be impressed.”

Your about page should be ready for the Queen. Or that hiring manager from that dream job offering six weeks paid vacation and a car. It's  time to strip the sheets, fluff the pillow, and maybe turn a sharp corner down. Not because the Queen’s coming over, but because you’re awesome and you deserve it.

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Fire up the Lear . . .


Let's do this . . .

Two things that will set you apart.

An Executive Profile

You’ve done it. Look at this company you’ve built. From nothing. You put in 120 hours a week. You did everything yourself, from fixing the pipes to growing your pipeline into a roaring river of hot leads. You could flaunt it. Maybe pick up a Bentley? That 36 foot Beneteau is looking good. Maybe a Lear? But you won’t because didn’t get this far blowing 400K on a boat. You’re a professional. You’re an executive. You’re a badass. Your executive profile is a gold plated business card. When people look for you, it should be what they read first. When you drive your profile to work, it’s not a Bentley. It’s a jet.

An Impressive Pop-Up

Success is defined in enduring, iconic imagery: clinking glasses, waiters in tuxes serving pork belly bites on toothpicks off silver trays, a photographer getting a great shot; we hear laughter; we taste champagne. This imagery converts folks online and in print but it blows people’s minds when it’s real. Rewarding your clients with a private party places them in that picture of success with you–imagery that converts. Imagery that endures.


One company to make it happen

W1e are two whip-smart, wildly creative writers with professional grade design skills intent on serving the small and very small business market.  We are the Creative Department you would on-board if you had the budget, the time, or the room. We integrate into your existing team; we operate as if we're down the hall, taking work from an email, a phone call, even a text.

We know great writing is crucial to your business. We know many entrepreneurs transitioning into small business ownership find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of written materials they must produce to run their business.


Not only does this work eat up your time, it's often so far out of your wheelhouse you end up with a cut-and-paste slap job pulled off Google at the last minute. And it reads like you did and you hate that but you're too busy to worry about it right now. That's where we come in.


Rose Pilny


Rose focuses her creative abilities on Social Media strategies, content writing, and keeping Bull in line with copious cursing. She has over 16 years experience in writing, marketing, social media marketing, event planning, and project management. She has earned awards from the Illinois Press Association and Illinois Women’s Press Association.


Bull Garlington


Founder, award winning columnist and author; Bull understands your vision and makes sure it is executed perfectly. His writing has appeared in various newspapers, journals, literary magazines, and websites for more than 25 years. His pop-ups are among Chicago's best.






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